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↳ Eli/Serena + God

Eli didn’t feel like there was any evil in himself. If anything, he felt hands, strong and steady, guiding him […] he’d given his life to God a hundred times, and a hundred times had it given back. Until the fear and the doubt had all been bled out of him.

Serena hated to admit how easy and addictive it was, getting her way […] she felt like a god. […] then she realized that she wasn’t a ghost, or a god. She was a monster.

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Sternum piece by Chase Ogle at Defiance Tattoos

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so what if when Artemis was cleaning out all of Wally’s stuff she found a ring box and just like put it on to see how it would look and then never took it off?!?!?

I like my headcanon better 


Do they ever really STOP breaking, Chris?

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Concept art for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty by Eyvind Earle

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i think im the most indecisive person but idk maybe not

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this kid in my drama class said “i relate to loki on a personal level because we’re both adopted and yearn for world domination”

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Anonymous asked: You are literally too hot to even believe that. Seriously. You could pull off Jessica Rabbit with a face and hair like that.

Hahahah Jessica rabbit, you’re funny grey face (but thank you)

Anonymous asked: You can tell by your face that you're fat lol

Why must these messages be sent all in the one night.
And on the nights I feel the worst?

Anonymous asked: You're one of the ugliest people I've ever seen on this site

Okie dokes